Cursed Text Generator

Cursed text is a special and powerful way to bring a feeling of fear and strangeness to your content. With its different and eerie look, cursed letters can change your writing into something really creepy and unforgettable.


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This cursed text is very simple and easy to use. Just follow these steps.

  • Enter the text on the given input field.
  • Scroll down, and see the live changing result on the left side block.
  • There are 4 controls that handle the cursed text to generate according to your requirements. if you wanted to remove the cursed effect on the top of the text. Simply uncheck the "Cursed on Top", or try other controls by just unchecking.
  • There is another slider that will help you to set the cursed text craziness effect according to your needs. This effect limit is 0 to 100. By default, it is set to 15. So play around these controls and make a beautiful text by using this generator.
  • Chaange cursed effect by just tapping on the "Generate" button. This will regenerate effect when top tap on it.
  • At last copy and paste the text by just clicking on the "Copy" button, and use it further on your social media accounts or wherever you want.
  • If you need this cursed text HTML code. Then open the "View HTML" box and copy this HTML for further use.
  • We cover the multiple features of this tool. If you need more. Feel free to contact us.

What is Cursed Text?

Cursed text, also known as Zalgo text, is malformed text made using nonspacing combining Unicode characters. These characters are not easily typed using a keyboard, making the cursed text difficult to write manually. Cursed text has become popular across the internet, especially in the meme community.

How Does This Generator Work?

A cursed text generator is an online tool that converts normal text into its cursed form. The generator adds symbols on top, beneath, and in the middle of your text to create a distorted and creepy appearance. You can even adjust the level of distortion to achieve the desired effect.

Where Can I Use Cursed Text?

Cursed text can be used on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp. However, some website owners have started to crack down on cursed text because it makes their websites look broken. So if you copy and paste cursed text into a website’s comment section and it doesn’t work, that might be the reason.

Why Use Cursed Text?

Using cursed text can make your content stand out and attract attention. It adds an element of horror and discomfort that can be perfect for certain types of content. For example, if you’re posting about action movies or other action-related content, using cursed text in your bio or posts can make your profile more engaging.


Cursed fonts are a unique way to add a sense of horror and discomfort to your content. With their unconventional and eerie appearance, cursed fonts can transform your text into something truly haunting and memorable.

Text Online

Cursed text can be easily generated online using a cursed text generator. This allows you to create cursed text without having to manually type it using nonspacing combining Unicode characters.

Text Copy Paste

One of the convenient features of a cursed text generator is the ability to do ‘cursed text copy-paste’. This means you can generate your cursed text and easily copy and paste it into any project or platform without any hassle.

Cursed Word Generator

For a more specific and concentrated effect, a cursed word generator can be utilized to create cursed words with an eerie and unsettling vibe. This is perfect for injecting a sense of dread into your horror or dark fantasy-themed projects.

Zalgo Text Generator

Similar to the cursed text generator, the Zalgo text generator adds symbols on top, beneath, and in the middle of your text to create a distorted and creepy appearance. You can even adjust the level of distortion to achieve the desired effect.